Edgar G. – Brick, NJ

I bought a pair of Gibralter rocks to bring music to my pool area. I needed help in choosing the right model, so I called them for help. The person I talked to was very helpful and didn’t try the “hardsell” routine on me, for which I was grateful. He even asked for my address and went to look at my property on Google maps. That impressed me. It wasn’t long before I was able to settle on a model that worked for me.

I also liked the fact that shipping was free. My rocks arrived in about 4 business days, and I’ve got to tell you, they sound GREAT! At our first pool party, many of my friends asked me where the music was coming from! The speakers blended perfectly with my space. And, as a bonus, they carry a lifetime warranty.

I highly recommend any of their rocks if you’re looking to bring music to your outdoors. Thank you Stereostone!