River Rock Omni Surround

Available in Industrial (Good), Standard (Better) and Commercial (Best) models. The RiverRock Omni Surround provides 360 degrees of sound dispersion using dual 6 1/2 inch speakers hidden in a Stealth enclosure.

Used in situations where it is desirable to disperse sound out of the back of the speaker as well as the front, it is perfect for placement between pool and tennis court, or to bridge the gap between 2 zones in the yard. Also an ideal solution along walkways. Great sound. Lifetime Warranty. Dimensions: W21xD19xH9.5. Priced as each.

IMPORTANT: You must select Stereo or Mono for this model. The Stereo model (8 ohm) allows you to run 2 sets of wires to the speaker for stereo sound. The Mono model (16 ohm) requires 1 wire set and plays in mono sound. Failure to select one will delay your order.

LOUDSPEAKER: 8 ohms impedance 6 1/2 in. dual-spider Santoprene¸ woofer 1/2 in. polydome tweeter.

COMMERCIAL MODEL: 250 watts power handling sensitivity 91 dB

STANDARD MODEL: 125 watts power handling sensitivity 89 dB

INDUSTRIAL MODEL: 100 watts power handling sensitivity 88 dB. Duo cone speaker.

FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 55 Hz. – 20 kHz. +/- 3 dB
Industrial Model: 65hz – 17khz

Shown in Brown Sandstone
Rock Model
Rock Color