StereoStone Cinema Rock 6.5


The Da Vinci Cinema Rock 6.5 High Fidelity Loudspeaker uses computer assisted designs (mlssa). Accoustical performance is enhanced beyond that of the typical box-type speaker by using a new semi elliptic parabaloid internal shaped enclosure.

Includes our exclusive weatherproof bass tuned port which extends bass frequency down to 38hz (while the inside of the enclosure remains environmentally isolated). Additionally, a 1” Titanium tweeter using a neodymium rare earth magnet is utilized to provide “directional” (adjustable up/down and left/right) high frequency response. The sculptured styling of the Da Vinci make this a beautiful, great sounding addition to any outdoor environment. Excellent bass reproduction.

SPECIFICATIONS: 6.5′ 250 watt woofer – 1 in. Titanium Dome Tweeter – 90db SPL 38hz – 22Khz.

Free ground shipping within the Continental U.S. Lifetime Warranty. Dimensions: 23w x 16d x16h.

Rock Color