Q: What size wire would you recommend?

A: 16 guage, direct burial wire speaker wire is recommended for runs up to 100 ft., 14 guage for up to 200 ft. runs. We carry factory approved direct burial wire here. It is also recommended to pull this wire through PVC conduit whenever possible.

Q: What kind of components do you use?

A: We use only the highest quality components, manufactured under strict quality control. They are carefully assembled in our plant in N. Hollywood, hand painted and carefully packaged to arrive in perfect working order.

Q: I can't listen to them. How do I know they will sound good?

A: If you're an audiophile, the specifications will speak for themselves. If you're not, we can honestly tell you that in the 12 years we have been selling these Rocks, we have NEVER had a complaint about the sound quality. In fact, many call us to tell us how great they sound, and that they exceeded their expectations!

Q: How Do I Hook Them Up?

A: Each Rock, except the Palos Verdes In-Wall Speaker, has a weather-proof terminal junction cup that makes hook up easy. Complete instructions are in the box. This water tight connection will make the Rock totally weatherproof.

Q: How Soon Do You Ship?

A: Orders received before 11 am Pacific Time will generally ship the same day, otherwise will ship the next business day. Shipping is delayed by 2-3 days for models ordered in Black Lava or with volume controls. Shipping by UPS Ground is always free to anywhere in the continental US.

Q: What Kind Of A Warranty Do I Get?

A: All of our Rocks come with a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. Hanging Planter and planter sub carry a 2 year warranty. Sub amp has 1 year warranty. For more info, click here.

Q: What do I do if one of the rocks quits working?

A: Call us at: 888-225-9358 8am to 5pm Pacific Time. We will help you determine if it IS the rock at fault, or an accessory, such as a bad wire. If the rock is at fault, we will make arrangements for you to return it to the factory for warranty return or replacement.

Q: I've seen sites that sell StereoStone rocks much cheaper than you do. Why?

A: These sites are not authorized StereoStone dealers. They are selling products obtained in liquidations, or as open box, even in many cases will ship a cheaper product in it's place. Because they are not authorized dealers, the factory will not honor the warranty. Purchasing from an authorized dealer also lets you take advantage of free repaint, free speaker upgrades at cost, and expert, friendly advice before the sale. We'll make sure you buy only what you need, and then stand behind it.

Available StereoStone Stealth Colors

Available Stealth Colors

Music In A Rock

StereoStone Inc. manufacturers high quality, outdoor rock and planter speakers. Used in DisneyWorld, Universal Studios, zoos, fine restaurants, hotels and theme parks around the world, these rocks look just like the real thing, and produce the sound quality you would expect from a high-end speaker. Just because you hear it, doesn't mean you have to see it. That's why our SoundStealth Series is virtually indistinguishable from a real rock! From our planter speakers to our top of the line Da Vinci Cinema Rock, you'll find what you need to fill your outdoor environment with beautiful sounds.

Listen to StereoStone Rock Speakers at Universal Studios - DisneyWorld - Harry Potter Exhibit - Major Theme Parks - Fine Hotels and Restaurants around the world.

Don't be fooled by other inferior products on the market today. Most of them are made in China. We're proud to say our products are Made In The USA to the highest standards. Standards so high we back them with a lifetime warranty. You won't be replacing these speakers every season. Don't be left without your outdoor music this summer. Power your outdoors with StereoStone rock speakers. Visit our FAQ section if you have any questions, or call us toll-free: 888.225.9358 8am to 5pm Pacific Time.

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