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SVS Updates Bill of Rights with New Price Protection Policy

SVS announced this week an update to its Customer Bill of Rights. Joining its in-home trial policy, free shipping and returns guarantee, trade-in policy, and warranty is a new provision that guarantees you won’t be left out of you miss out on an upcoming sale or price drop. The new sixty-day price guarantee means that if you buy a new SVS sub or speakers and the price goes down within the stated time period, your credit card or original payment method will automatically be credited for the price difference without requiring any notification or action on your part.

Read on for full details from the press release:

SVS, one of the world’s fastest growing high-performance speaker, subwoofer and audio accessory brands, proudly announces an update to its SVS Customer Bill of Rights to ensure owners will always pay the lowest price possible. If a product goes on sale for lower than the purchase price within 60 days, SVS will automatically refund the difference to the customer’s credit card or original payment method without requiring any notification from the customer.

The SVS Customer Bill of Rights is a guarantees and benefits package that makes it easy, risk-free and rewarding to be a lifelong SVS owner. The list of policies can be reviewed in full here and includes: 45 Day Risk-Free In-Home Trial, Fast & Free Shipping and Returns, 5-Year Unconditional Warranty, 1-Year Trade-Up Policy, Pre and Post-Purchase SVS Sound Experts Support and more.

Also included in the SVS Customer Bill of Rights is a direct line to SVS President Gary Yacoubian, who answers every email and offers this comment on why the new 60-Day Guaranteed Price Protection with Automatic Refunds was put into place.

“All too often in the audio industry, people feel abandoned by frequent discounting, which makes it impossible to know the best time to purchase,” said Yacoubian. “We created the SVS Customer Bill of Rights to make sure anyone considering SVS knows they can choose our speakers, subwoofers and accessories with absolutely no risk, and if there is a sale price, we’ll automatically refund the difference. Frankly, it’s just the right thing to do.” 

The new 60-Day Guaranteed Price Protection with Automatic Refunds Policy goes into effect immediately and customers will start to receive notifications within the next few months.                        

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