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SolarKindle Extends Your Kindle Reading Time to Three Months Unplugged

There are plenty of Kindle covers on the market. What sets the newly launched SolarKindle apart from the many others out there is that it can harness the power of the sun for Kindle charging and a little extra light, all while on the go.

Designed by SolarFocus Technology, this solar-powered Kindle cover is the first of its kind. It’s very lightweight, but packs in a solar panel that’s built right into the cover, as well as a dual-charging (USB/solar) reserve battery. So while everyone is scrambling for a charging spot, this cover can provide a little extra reading time. In fact, it should be able to do up to three months of unplugged Kindle use under normal lighting conditions.

The SolarKindle also has a built-in LED lamp that can be powered for about 50 hours, without tapping into that Kindle’s battery. That LED has a one-touch release and SolarFocus says that one hour in direct sunlight should transfer into about 3 days of reading time.

Of course, the SolarKindle also looks nice, too. It can wrap that Kindle in a premium leather cover, to keep that portable protected from the elements and sticky fingers!


“For the past six years, SolarFocus has been dedicated to developing the most technologically advanced portable solar powered solutions for consumers,” said Dick Lu, executive VP at SolarFocus. “We will continuously improve the price/performance ratio of our solar powered solutions on even more consumer electronic products to reduce carbon emissions.”

The SolarKindle Lighted Cover is available now, with an MSRP of $ 79.99.

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