Lowell WB4T-4A30-T870 Ceiling Speaker 4″ Assembly with 30W Driver WB4T Torsion Grille

Lowell WB4T-4A30-T870 Ceiling Speaker 4″ Assembly with 30W Driver WB4T Torsion Grille

  • WB4T-4A30-T870 4 inch assembly with 30W 4A30 driver, WB4T torsion grille, TLM870 8W 70V transformer.
  • UL Listed – Standard 1480 – General Signaling speakertransformergrille for use with backbox Model ULDX104T.
  • Assembly includes 30W driver Model 4A30 with 70V transformer Model TLM870 mounted to grille Model WB4T.
  • Premium 30W coaxial 4 EIA 5 driver exhibits smooth musical sound with wide dispersion 150 and a small architectural footprint.
  • System is required to mount in ULDX104T backbox order separately.

Lowells speakergrilletransformer Model WB4T-4A30-T870 is listed under UL Standard 1480 – General Signaling. This UL Listed Model features Lowells premium coaxial 4-inch driver Model 4A30 with high performance TLM870 transformer mounted to a white torsion mounting grille Model WB4T which offers a clean hardware-free architectural appearance. The assembly is UL Listed for use with back box Model ULDX104T required-order separately. Coaxial 4 driver Model 4A30 30W is one of Lowells A-Series of loudspeakers. The A-Series represents a deliberate move up in sound quality and performance over standard commercial coaxial drivers. It is engineered to meet the demand for very high quality paging and background music reproduction. Model 4A30 provides smooth audio quality with 150o dispersion for use in upscale hotel lobbies, department stores, airports and transportation venues where clear, intelligible communication with accurate reproduction are key factors in creating a positive listening experience. The 4A30 achieves excellent voice and music reproduction over a large coverage area. The 4 driver features a 10oz. magnet coupled with a 1-inch copper voice coil driving a polypropylene cone with half-roll rubber surround for long cone travel and good edge damping. The post-mounted liquid-cooled tweeter is a 1-inch diameter balanced drive dome with a first order high-pass filter. Frequency response is 80Hz-20kHz6dB with a crossover at 5kHz. Additionally, the loudspeakers capacity to deliver a wide angle of sound distribution at 2kHz with uniform response and clear audibility ensures complete coverage with minimum units. The loudspeaker frame is stamped 20-gauge steel with a black enamel paint finish and zinc plated back plate. The transformer is Model TLM870 with primary taps at 8, 4, 2, 1 watt and frequency response of 50Hz – 15kHz 1dB. It is securely mounted to the top of the driver.

List Price: $ 131.05

Price: $ 82.99